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Dartford Grammar School for Girls

About Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Dartford Grammar School for Girls is a selective state school for girls aged 11 to 18. It prides itself on being a vibrant and happy community, where students flourish academically and are given plenty of opportunities to develop individual skills and talents.

Dartford Grammar School for Girls values respect, responsibility, excellence, dedication, and creativity. The school is the home of Thinking Hard – a national programme that supports the development of key 'high challenge, low preparation' habits to transform classroom teaching and support students' thinking. The school is also a specialist in teaching science (and was the first school in Kent to be designated Science Specialist School status), with a reputation for delivering an outstanding range of curriculum enhancement activities including an annual community Science Fair and partnerships with local businesses and universities.

  • Address: Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Shepherds Lane, Dartford, Kent DA1 2NT
  • Local authority: Kent County Council
  • School type: girls' grammar
  • Headteacher: Sharon Pritchard
  • Number of pupils: 1,200+

Dartford Grammar School for Girls term dates

The term dates at Dartford Grammar School for Girls for 2023–2024 are:

  • Autumn term: 5th September – 20th December 2023
  • Half term: 23rd–31st October 2023
  • Spring term: 3rd January – 28th March 2024
  • Half term: 12th–16th February 2024
  • Summer term: 15th April – 19th July 2024
  • Half term: 27th–31st May 2024

How to apply to Dartford Grammar School for Girls

1. Register for the Kent Test

Dartford Grammar School for Girls uses the Kent Test to select pupils for entry in Year 7. The Kent Test is an 11 plus exam taken by 32 grammar schools in the county and aims to identify children in the top 25% of the ability range in their year group. Girls who are successful in the Kent Test will be assessed as suitable for a grammar school.

Registration for the Kent Test will open on Thursday 1st June 2023 and close on Monday 3rd July 2023 at midnight. You will be able to complete your child's registration on the Kent County Council website. If you are also considering grammar schools in Medway or the London Borough of Bexley, you will need to register separately because these schools do not use the Kent Test.

If your child is eligible for the pupil premium, they may be prioritised for places under the school's admission criteria. You will need to provide proof of eligibility and complete a supplementary information form (SIF) – available to download from the school website – to indicate this.

2. Apply for a school place

You will receive your daughter's results in the Kent Test after 4 pm on Wednesday 18th October 2023. If they have achieved the pass mark in the exam, they will be eligible for a grammar school place. You can then name Dartford Grammar School for Girls as one of your preferred schools on your common application form.

Make sure to check the school admissions policy before you complete your common application form. Passing the Kent Test will not be a guarantee of a place as more children reach the qualifying standard each year than there are places available. We've summarised the key points in the admission policy below.

The application form must be submitted to your home local council by 31st October 2023. The form must be completed for your home local authority – i.e. if you live in Kent you will need to complete the form on the Kent County Council website. If you live in a different local authority, make sure to apply through the relevant website for that council.

What's on the Dartford Grammar School for Girls 11 plus?

Girls applying for Year 7 entry to Dartford Grammar School for Girls will take the Kent Test on Thursday 7th September 2023. If your child attends a primary school outside of Kent, they will take the test on the weekend of the 9th September 2023.

The Kent Test consists of two multiple-choice papers, each taking around one hour to complete. The subjects assessed are:

  • Paper 1: English and maths
  • Paper 2: verbal and non-verbal reasoning

Children taking the Kent Test also complete a creative writing exercise. This isn’t formally marked and doesn’t form part of the total scores, but it may be used by a local headteacher panel in borderline cases or in an appeal. 40 minutes will be allowed for the writing task, including 10 minutes of planning time.

Find out more in our comprehensive guide to the Kent Test and access free 11 plus resources to help your child prepare

What is the pass mark for Dartford Grammar School for Girls?

Your child will receive four scores on the Kent Test. The results from the English, maths and reasoning sections will all be age-standardised to produce three separate scores, in addition to one overall (aggregate) score.

Children typically need a total score of 332 or more out of the total 423, with no single score lower than 108, to be eligible for a place at a grammar school in Kent.

However, achieving a particular score doesn't guarantee a place at a grammar school, as schools are usually oversubscribed with qualified candidates. We always recommend researching the admission policies for your target schools, looking at their oversubscription criteria and their catchment area. We've included the admission criteria for Dartford Grammar School for Girls below.

Dartford Grammar School for Girls admission criteria

Dartford Grammar School for Girls has 180 places available in Year 7. Children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names the school and who have been assessed as suitable for a grammar school will automatically be allocated a place. The number of remaining places will then be reduced accordingly.

If the number of eligible children who have applied for Dartford Grammar School for Girls is greater than the number of places available, the school will use oversubscription criteria. Places will be allocated in the following order:

1. Looked after children and previously looked after children

2. Girls who are eligible for the pupil premium (indicated by completing a supplementary information form)

3. Up to 100 places are reserved for girls living within Dartford or one of its named parishes (see 'catchment area' below)

4. Remaining eligible girls, irrespective of their address

If the school is oversubscribed within any of the criteria above, students will first be ranked by their performance in the Kent Test, and then ranked by how close they live to the school, to prioritise places.

Dartford Grammar School for Girls catchment area

The catchment area (also known as the priority area) for Dartford Grammar School for Girls incorporates Dartford and its parishes:

Ash-cum-Ridley, Bean, Crockenhill, Darenth, Eynsford, Farningham, Fawkham, Hartley, Hextable, Horton Kirby and South Darenth, Longfield and New Barn, Southfleet, Stone, Sutton at Hone and Hawley, Swanley, Swanscombe and Greenhithe, West Kingsdown, and Wilmington.

School Details

Type of School Grammar
Address Shepherd Lane Dartford DA1 2NT
Phone 01322223123
Region Kent


Admission Year Sept 2024
Gender in YEAR 7 Girls


Registration 31/5/2023 - 2/7/2023
Academic Exam 6/9/2023 - 8/9/2023 The Kent Test will take place on: Thursday 7 September 2023 for children who go to school in Kent the weekend of Saturday 9 September 2023 for children who go to school outside Kent.
Test Results Day 17/10/2023
CAF form 31/10/2023
Allocation Day 1/3/2024

Academic Selection

Number of Places 180
Standardised Yes
Age Standardised No
Total Number of Exams 3
Number of Rounds 1
Admission Policy View

Exam Boards

  • Granada Learning (GL)
  • Consortium (CONSORTIUM)

Exam Styles

  • Mixed (MC & STD)

Sample Papers

Name Document or Link Subjects
Kent Familiarisation Paper View Mixed Subjects

Find answers to our frequently asked questions about Dartford Grammar School for Girls

  • How can parents apply for Pupil Premium benefits at Dartford Grammar School for Girls?
    Parents can notify their eligibility for Pupil Premium by emailing
  • What does the Kent 11 Plus test at Dartford Grammar School for Girls entail?
    The test includes two papers assessing verbal, mathematical, and non-verbal reasoning skills, each lasting about 60 minutes.
  • Are there specific revision strategies for the Dartford Grammar School for Girls’ 11+ Admissions Test?
    Yes, focused revision on understanding the test format, regular practice, simulated mock exams, seeking guidance, and maintaining a calm, confident approach are key strategies for success.