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Information About Year 5

The categories for our Year 5 platform are an invaluable source of learning in preparation for any upcoming exams. Children have the opportunity to learn and master new topics, enhance their skills, and still have fun!

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Year 5 Tuition Program

Creating a Brighter Future

Our Year 5 Tuition course will cover everything your child needs to pass the 11+ exams. Your child will continually be able to practise and recap the core concepts and skills required for each of the 11+ subjects. The pace shifts a gear with the ability to have a real focus on exam technique, increase of speed and working under timed conditions. Year 5 students will be more confident in knowing how to approach each paper and be exam ready. We cover the following in our programme:

  • Comprehensive skills for English and Maths.
  • Understanding different approaches to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • Creative writing techniques for super-selective schools.
  • Exam techniques and speed strategies.
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Year 5 Subjects

Explore the subjects we cover in our Year 5 tuition programme where we support your journey to success in the 11+ exams!

Why Choose Year 5?

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Pathway to Success

Stepping into Year 5 is a pivotal moment in your child's academic voyage, enabling them to enhance crucial skills essential for the upcoming 11+ exam. This significant year not only reinforces effective study habits but also deepens their passion for reading, fostering a holistic development. Year 5 acts as a transformative period, equipping your child with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenges ahead and excel in their academic pursuits.